Congratulations, your program has been setup and is ready for use. In order to successfully deploy myTIPreport within your program, we recommend that you follow a few simple steps:

  1. Demo myTIPreport to your faculty members and learners.
  2. Give additional faculty members access to myTIPreport.
  3. Give additional learners (residents or fellows) access to myTIPreport.
  4. Allow other faculty members to administer the site.
  5. Send a rollout email

Let’s take a quick walkthrough through each of these tasks.

Demo to your program members

If you'd like to show myTIPreport's capabilities to others with pre-populated data, don't forget that you can use our demo account. In order to do that, simply navigate to, click the sign-in button and use the following credentials to experience myTIPreport as a faculty member or a resident:

To log in as a faculty member or admin:

To log in as a resident:

You can also choose to demo with your own account and we've found that this often resonates more with program members. Don't be shy about actually entering feedback during the demo, you can always delete it. We also have 3 videos that demonstrate how myTIPreport works for learners, teachers and administrators.

Adding teachers and learners

We have separate documentation sections for these topics. You can read more about adding teachers here and you can read more about adding leaners here. Just follow those steps to setup your first set of users.

Add admins (coordinators)

Administrators are allow to perform additional administrative actions within myTIPreport like managing users and customizing procedures. We recommend institutions add at least the program director and the program coordinator as account administrators in myTIPreport. This allows the coordinator to execute actions like adding, removing, and updating user information with relative ease without compromising the password security of the director. Programs should feel free to add as many administrators as they like.

To add another user as an account administrator that person needs to first be part of the faculty group. After you have added the user as a faculty member open the Administrators row and select add admin.

A blade will open where you can select the user to add. The experience should look as follow:

Send a rollout email

As a last step we encourage program directors to send a rollout email to the teachers and learners to increase awareness and generate excitement. We've found that it often takes some time to get people actively using myTIPreport. Offering incentives, such as a Starbucks gift card to the top participants, is a great way to help increase initial participation.