Managing Rotation Schedules

As you likely read in the introduction to rotation evaluations, telling myTIPreport when a certain learner is on a certain rotation allows you to gather rotation-specific feedback from teachers as well as generate rotation summary reports. There are two fundamental ways that this information can be input.

In the admin channel

After you've defined the rotation and what evaluations should be associated with it, there is an option to manage the schedule for a given rotation.

Clicking on the "manage schedule" button will bring you to a page where you can enter the schedule in for a rotation. The form works by selecting a learner and then choosing the rotation dates for that learner. Each time you enter details for an instance of a rotation, a new line will appear allowing you to add another instance. When you've entered all of the details, hit save at the bottom to save your changes. Once you've saved, you can update rotation dates as well as delete rotation instances from this view.

Now, you don't need to enter the entire schedule up-front. The rotation directors and other teachers really only need this set up once the rotation starts so you could do these each month as the rotations get closer.

Allow the teachers to set the dates

Alternatively, you can avoid inputting the schedule from the admin channel all together. Instead, you could ask that the teachers input the dates for the learner and the rotation when they want to start adding rotation-specific feedback or would like to generate a rotation summary. This is also simple.

From the rotations channel, once you select a user, you'll be able to tell if there is a rotation that is active for the learner. If there is one active, it'll look like this:

If there isn't an active rotation summary, you can create one by choosing the desired rotation from the list of "All Rotations" and then clicking the "create rotation summary" button at the top. Once you do that and click save, as long as the rotation dates overlap with the current date, the rotation will be marked as active and will show up at the top.

You can create evaluations in the past if you want to generate summary reports or gather teacher comments for evaluations that have passed. When you create those, they will show up in the Active / Completed section at the bottom.