Configuring Rotations

To understand why configuring your rotations is valuable, make sure you read our introduction to rotation evaluations first.

Only members of the administrators group can define rotations. You know if you're a member of the administrators group if the admin channel is visible in the left-hand menu on the website.

Once you log-in to the website, on the left-hand panel, click "admin". From there, you should see the option to customize rotations near the bottom of this screen called "Rotations and Schedules":

Once you click that, you should see a blank screen with the option to add a rotation. Click the add button at the bottom and a screen will apprear that allows you to define your rotation:

You'll start by giving your rotation a name. This can be whatever you like. After that, you'll pick a rotation director. The rotation director is the person who is ultimately responsible for learners who are on that rotation. Finally, you'll want to define your rotation requirements. These are the milestone and procedure evaluations that you expect to happen on this rotation.

Start by clicking the check-box for all of the milestones that you want associated:

Next, click the pink button to toggle over to procedure requirements and choose those as well:

Once you've finished with that, save the rotation by clicking on the save action at the top or the bottom of the rotation.

You're all set to go now! If you're familiar with Option One and Option Two for rotations, Option One should be fully functional. If you'd like to manage the schedule to enable Option Two, see the guide on managing schedules to do that.