myTIPreport is a subscription service developed to help program directors, teachers, fellows, and residents with “real-time, right now” feedback on ACGME Milestones and procedures.

Each program specialty/sub-specialty within an institution gets an account when registered, which allows them to manage the teachers and learners that are licensed to utilize the service. The account is the administrative unit we use to attach the subscription plan and all invoice and payment information. As an example, in our demo site demo3/obgyn demo3 is the institution and obgyn is the account/program.

Free trials

All accounts start with a Free Trial. The trial grants licenses to an unlimited number of Learners and an unlimited number of Teachers. We do this because rolling out myTIPreport takes time and there is a period of adaptability. Free trials generate a $0 invoice for record keeping.


Authorization to use the service and its features can be obtained by purchasing a subscription plan.

Purchasing a subscription plan

To purchase a subscription plan you need to be an account admin. Start by clicking on admin in the web portal menu. From there, select Billing and Invoices in the Account section. This will open up the plan & invoice blade, which details the current plan plus all invoice history.

In the screenshot above, you can see that this account/program is currently licensed through the Free Trial. To update the trial to a paid subscription you would need to take the following steps:

  1. Select update plan from the actions toolbar
  2. Select the plan you would like to purchase
  3. Click the Update Plan button
  4. Confirm your purchase to generate the Invoice
  5. Submit payment