Milestone Evaluation

Milestone evaluations are conducted from the milestone channel. Once the channel is selected the { milestone :: home } blade is shown with a list of all the learners that the user can provide feedback on.

By selecting a learner a blade showing the summary information across all milestones is displayed. This allows the teacher to quickly see at a glance the number of evaluations made and the calculated level based on those entries.

Selecting a milestone opens the { insights } blade with summary information over the last 6 months. This screen allows you to see the learner’s progress and identify areas of focus.

At the top of the blade you will find the start evaluation action, click it to initiate the evaluation.

It is important to note that each milestone goal has three evaluation states.

  1. Yes: for demonstrated
  2. N/A: for not observed or not applicable in this specific encounter
  3. Blank: for observed but no credit given due to some deficiency

After completing all of the fields select submit evaluation to save the entry.