Printing Reports and Evaluations

myTIPreport makes it easy to print each of it's views (or save them as a PDF). At the top of each view, directly next to the icon to close the view, there is an icon to print the view.

Clicking that icon will save that report as a PDF. That PDF can then be printed if desired.

Activity Feed and Evaluations

When viewing the activity feed for a user, it's possible to choose the different fields that will show for each of the evaluations. To do that, click the show / hide fields button to manage the list of fields that show in the activity feed.

Clicking that will open a dialog that can be used to manage the fields that are present in the report:

Simply check or un-check the fields as desired and then press Proceed

In order to make the view load faster not all evaluations are loaded until the view is scrolled down. When printing a report of the evaluations, all of the evaluations will automatically be loaded so that all evaluations will be in the resulting PDF.

Viewing All Evaluations for a User

Activity fields for individual evaluation channels are available via the summary views for a user. If you'd like to view all of the evaluations for a user across channels, this can be performed by:

  1. Click on reports in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on Activity for the desired group.
  3. Locate the user who's evaluations you'd like to view and click their name.
  4. In the resulting view, click the all evaluations button at the top.

This will show all evaluations for a given learner. You can manage the date range for the evaluations shown using the date control in the top-right corner of the view.