myTIPreport is all about feedback. Unfortunately, we've heard something many programs struggle with is getting participation from their learners and teachers. We have a number of features designed to help your program mitigate this unfortunate issue, helping everyone be a good citizen of the program.

Participation Requirements

One thing we've found that helps address the problem of lack of feedback is when users know how much participation is expected of them, and they're regularly reminded of those expectations. As an administrator, you can use the settings found in the "Citizenship" section to set participation requirements for learners and teachers in your program.

Evaluation settings with participation requirements settings screenshot

Users not meeting these requirements will receive notifications (if they have the mobile app) or emails reminding them of the requirement. These reminders are sent on the 7th, 14th, and 21st of each month. Newly-created programs have a default requirement for learners to request or complete 4 evaluations per month.

You'll notice you have the ability to change the starting month. Because the requirements will take effect immediately by default, you the option to only start "enforcing" the requirements in the next month, leaving time for you to communicate the new requirement.

If you'd prefer to enforce these requirements on a subset of your users, you can exempt specific people by clicking on the blue "exempt users" button next to the "Participation Requirements" section header. Once the new blade opens, select the members you'd like to exempt from these requirements and then press save.

Request Response Expectations

On the same "Citizenship" page as Participation Requirements, you can also set your program's expectations for responsiveness to requests for feedback - see the screenshot above.

If the percentage is set to anything except 0% (which disables this feature), you'll see how each of your users are doing on the requests report, as well as how your program is doing all-up.

Requests report with expectation icons screenshot


When any of these features are configured, users will receive updates on their progress towards the goals each time they submit an evaluation: