Procedure customization

myTIPreport ships with a set of procedures and steps for each specialty. Although these give you a great start they are not 100% comprehensive. This is why we provide you with the ability to customize them to fit your methods, processes and culture.

Add a new procedure

The ability to add a new surgical procedure is only exposed to those that have account admin permissions. If you are an administrator, click on the Admin channel located in the left navigation bar to open the admin blade. Once the blade opens locate the Procedure Steps row under customization and click it to get started.

After the procedures blade opens, you will be able to see all of the active procedures. From here you can execute two actions 1) click on an existing procedure to edit it or 2) click on the add procedure action to create a new procedure.

When selecting add procedure a new blade will be opened giving you the ability to enter the following information:

  1. Procedure Name
  2. Procedure Category
  3. Procedure Steps

Enter the data above, and when ready, save the procedure to finalize its creation.

Customize Steps

Procedure steps are also highly customizable. The following are the actions you can take.

Changing the order

Within a procedure, to change a step order, simply grab the step by the vertical ellipsis icon and with your mouse move it up and down until your reach the desired position.

Selecting a category In the category dropdown, you'll see a list of categories already in use. Selecting one of them will put this procedure in that category. To create a new procedure category, click the category drop-down and select "New Category...". A text box will appear next to the drop down. Enter in the name of the new category. Once you save this procedure, that category will be available to other procedures as well.

Updating the description

To update a step’s description simply hover over the step to activate the text area and then click inside of it. This gives you a cursor and the ability to change its description. Save the procedure after you have made any changes to commit the update to the server.

Deleting the step

To delete a step just click on the red x at the right of the step description and then confirm that you want to delete this step. After the confirmation, the step will disappear and you can select to save the procedure for the changes to take effect.

Archive a procedure

If a procedure is no longer applicable for your program or institution you can choose to archive it and no longer have it visible on the procedure list views. To accomplish this task simply select the procedure from the admin :: surgical procedures blade. When it opens, locate the archive/remove action at the top of the blade and select it. A confirmation dialog will appear and after acceptance the procedure is archived and all blades refreshed.

When removing a procedure it is important to note that we do not delete any feedback associated with the procedure. All we do is attach enough metadata to allow us to filter it from the views. If you delete a procedure by mistake and which to recover it please email out support team and we will assist you with this request.

In future releases we will support activating a procedure again without having to open a support ticket.