Add teachers (faculty)

To add users into myTIPreport you need to be an account admin. For those users an admin channel is exposed in the navigation bar as the entry point to all administration tasks.

Here is an image of the navigation bar with the admin channel enabled:

After opening the admin channel locate the Active Faculty row and select it. It is important to note that Teachers / Faculty are the people that can provide feedback in myTIPreport. Due to this to please keep this list up to date with your organization's structure.

Once the blade opens select add user and start adding your faculty members by repeating this step. The { user profile:: add } blade opens asking for core user information like their name and email address:

When a user is added to the program they will receive an email with a temporary password giving them access to the system. With this information they can go to, click Sign In and enter in their email address and temporary password.

Sometimes, depending on the email rules, the email may go to junk mail or it may have failed to reach the inbox. In those cases, advice the faculty to go to try to reset their password themselves by selecting forgot password in the Sign-In screen.