Introducing push notifications

September 06, 2017 / Mario Rodriguez

From the start our iPhone/Android myTIPreport apps have been hugely popular. Over the last year we have seen them overtake our website as the preferred medium by both teachers and learners to perform evaluations. As usage grew, we started to get requests to enable push notifications to the phone instead of only relying on emails, and in March we decided to fund development for this feature.

Today, we are happy to report that over the next two weeks your apps will be updated and be ready to receive push notifications. To start, we will be sending the following notification:

  • A notification to the teacher when a learner requests feedback

These alerts will be shown in your iOS or Android notification center. If you are a teacher and receive a request for feedback you can click on the notification and go directly into “all open requests”. From there you can complete the request. Our current email delivery and links will continue to be optimize for web evaluations, while push notifications will make it super easy to do everything without leaving your device.

We are super excited about this feature and we hope it increases engagement within the platform. We plan to release more notifications in the coming month. As you use it let us know your feedback and what other notifications you would like to receive.


The myTIPreport team