myTIPreport now supports all specialties and subspecialties (plus a referral program)!

April 30, 2016 / Taylor Lafrinere

myTIPreport was started by the Exxcellence Foundation to transform learning and feedback for residents and fellows. We originally started with the residencies and fellowships in Obstetrics and Gynecology because it was the space that we knew best. We figured if we had a shot with success, it would be in that space. Well, myTIPreport has been incredibly successful with ObGyn and it's time to expand. For months now, we've gotten requests from programs in other specialties and we've dabbled in that a bit to make sure we could replicate the success that we saw in ObGyn. So far, we've received positive feedback from other specialties and thus we've decided to officially support all medical specialties and subspecialties in myTIPreport.

If you're interested in trying out myTIPreport, sign up for a free trial and we'll get you up and running within the week.

A special offer

While we're really excited about supporting all specialties and subspecialties, we're absolutely committed to keeping our current customers happy. In order to demonstrate that, and to help spread the word about myTIPreport, we're launching a referral program. Any program that is able to refer a new specialty or subspecialy who signs up for myTIPreport (from their institution or another instituion) will receive 50% off of their next yearly subscription to myTIPreport.

If you'd like to refer a new program, simply have them sign up for a free trial and send us an email ( to let us know which institution and specialty we should apply the referral credit to. Once the new account pays for a year-long subscription, we'll grant the referral credit.

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to email us at