An updated home page and a new blog site

February 08, 2016 / Mario Rodriguez

At myTIPreport we greatly value design and simplicity. It had been a while since we updated our homepage so we decided to spend a week modernizing it and adding some missed features.

During that redesign, we observed that our blog platform, content and design was also severely lacking. Given that our communication with customers is a very important aspect of who we are as a product and team; we made the decision to move it in-house. Going forward, we want our blogs to not only provide feature updates but also present point of views articles that offer insights and thought leadership in the medical evaluation space.

Let's briefly touch on the updates.

Core pivots are easily discoverable now

Previously all of our core pivots were hidden under a hamburger menu (technical term in the industry). Many of our users did not expand the menu, which resulted in difficulty finding sections like our documentation guides. In the new redesign, you will see our core pivots always visible and shown horizontally across the screen.

Finally a pricing section

We have replied to pricing emails more times than I can count. This is one of those things we clearly missed. I am happy to announce we have added a pricing section and made it very easy for you to see which plan is best applicable to your organization. Check it out.

Leading with our market position and future innovation

We are now leading the home page with our mobile apps. A significant portion of our evaluations are performed on mobile, and we expect this trend to continue to grow. Since launch we have experience amazing growth, and are now the #1 medical education evaluation tool used by organizations.


Although not yet visible, we have added to the design the ability for us to display testimonials from our users. We are doing a couple of legal checks, and as soon as those are ready we will post them.

Our blogs have a new home

Lastly, our blogs are now served from our app domain and we own 100% of the infrastructure and CMS. This change allows our blog to inherit the design guidelines of our app and in the future be able to support a set of interactive features not possible through services like Medium and Tumblr.

Enjoy the new design and as always let us know your thoughts.