Export to PDF improvements

November 16, 2015 / Mario Rodriguez

It used to be that our export to PDF and print to PDF features were exclusive to those browsers that natively handled the conversion. This meant leaving a good part of our customer base behind, and as time passed we felt we needed to address this deficiency. In early November, we started to research how we could bring PDF document generation of our "data" to all of our customers, even those using legacy browsers like IE8.

We researched and tested dozen of PDF conversion libraries and most of them concluded in disappointment. Our authentication, css styling, dynamic loading of content through ajax calls and .NET support were a tall set of requirements for most of the Open Source and commercially available libraries. Luckily, we were able to find a company that offered a very expensive but really stable and functionally rich product. We purchased a licensed and got the feature working shortly after.

To access PDF conversion functionality click on the print icon at the top of any of the blades. Pressing this action generates a PDF document on a new tab. You can then select to save, print and manage this document as appropriate for your scenario.

Happy TIPing!