PGY-Class reports to help you with CCC meetings

August 28, 2015 / Mario Rodriguez
The Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) is a structure that has emerged as an essential component of the evaluation process in graduate medical education.

Since we launched myTIPreport, Program Directors have been asking us for a way to utilize all of the data that we are collecting to assist them in their CCC evaluation meetings. I am happy to announced that we have launched a new report tab to do just that!

Resident Class Summaries

If you are faculty or a admin, you will see a new report called Class Summaries in your reporting channel. When selecting this report, a new blade will launch showing the class years and two columns for Milestone and Procedure summaries.

When opening the class summary you will see familiar table, Excel like, interface. There is a list of "learners" as columns and then a list of procedures or milestones as rows in the reports. The intersections displays the current competency level.

Milestone Class summaries

Procedure Class summaries

We hope this proves very helpful in your CCC meetings. As always, let us know your feedback.