myTIPreport yearly subscriptions

June 8, 2015 / myTIPreport
Today we are happy to announce our yearly Subscription Plans. These updates, together with the introduction of secure online payments, round up all of the features that support our business model.

Working towards being a paid application was critical to our team because it allows us to guarantee the long term success of myTIPreport, and bring constant feature innovation with unparalleled customer support. It is also important to highlight that myTIPreport is a non-profit service, and its revenue goes towards covering current/future development and hosting costs.

Let's take a deeper look at institution/program accounts and the applicable subscription plans.


Each program specialty/sub-specialty within an institution gets an account when registered, which allows them to manage the teachers and learners that are licensed to utilize the service. The account is the administrative unit we use to attach the subscription plan and all invoice and payment information. As an example, in our demo site demo3/obgyn demo3 is the institution and obgyn is the account/program.

Free trials

All accounts start with a Free Trial. The trial grants licenses to an unlimited number of Learners and an unlimited number of Teachers. We do this because rolling out myTIPreport takes time and there is a period of adaptability. Free trials generate a $0 invoice for record keeping and auditability.


Authorization to use the service and its features can be obtained by purchasing a subscription plan.

  • Subscription plans provide licenses to use the service and mobile apps
  • A subscription last for 365 days, from the purchase date, and are not tied to the school calendar year
  • A subscription can be upgraded at any point, in order to accommodate your institution's growth
  • Subscription pricing is tiered and more details can be found on our pricing page

You can visit our documentation to learn more about subscriptions and payments

Thanks for all of your support.

-- myTIPreport team