Add new surgical skills procedures or customize existing ones

March 25, 2015 / Mario Rodriguez
As we previously detailed, one of the main asks at the CREOG&APGO conference was the ability to customize the surgical skills. This is important because it allows each institution to start tailoring myTIPreport to their specific organization's processes and culture.

We are excited to announce that in our latest release we have completed this feature. Let's walk through a couple of scenarios to highlight how to take advantage of this functionality.

Adding a new surgical skills procedure

The ability to add a new surgical procedure is only exposed to those that have admin permissions to the program. If you are an admin, click on the Admin channel located in the left navigation bar to open the corresponding blade. Here is a screenshot of a section of that admin blade with the last element being the entry point to our procedure customization experience.

Once you are in the _admin:: surgical procedures blade, you will be able to see all of the surgical procedures available to your program. From here you can execute two actions 1) click on an existing procedure to edit it or 2) click on the add procedure action to create a new procedure.

When selecting add procedure a new blade will be opened giving you the ability to enter the following information:

  • Procedure Name
  • Procedure Category (if one is applicable)
  • Procedure Steps

Enter those and click on save procedure and you have successfully customized procedures for your program.

Customizing Steps

We have also added a variety of actions you can take at the step level.

Changing its order

Within a procedure to change a step order simply grab the step by the vertical ellipsis icon and with your mouse move it up and down until your reach the desired position.

Updating the description

To update a step's description simply hover the step to activate the text area and then click inside of it. This will now give you a cursor and the ability to change the step description. Save the procedure after you have done this to make sure the updates take place.

Deleting a step

To delete a step just click on the red x at the right of the step description and then confirm that you want to delete this step. After the confirmation, the step will disappear and you can select to save the procedure for the change to take effect.

Archiving a procedure

If you no longer want to use a procedure you can select to archive it and remove it from the views. To do this simply select the procedure from the admin :: surgical procedures blade, and then when the procedure opens in edit mode just select the action archive/remove. We do ask you for confirmation of this action so we can make sure this is the intended outcome.

When removing a procedure it is important to note that we do not delete any feedback associated with the procedure. All we do is filter them out from the normal views and mark and archive them. This helps us always keep an audit trail and allows us to recover content at a later point if the user wants to turn on that procedure again.

In future releases we will support activating a procedure again without having to open a support ticket.

Completing this feature was a huge step forward for us since it is the start of a truly customized myTIPreport solution for institutions. As we always say, we are Built by Educators for Educators so please keep feedback and communication going by contacting us or by going to our uservoice site and submitting/voting on ideas.