CREOG & APGO launch and recap

March 19, 2015 / Mario Rodriguez

The week leading to and after our launch at the CREOG & APGO annual meeting have been an inspiring experience. We have received a significant amount of support from programs, with up to 130+ institutions wanting to sign up. This adoption response was bigger than we ever imagined and we are working hard to onboard all those that have replied with their faculty/resident data.

myTIPreport is Built by_Educators for Educators and this is what makes it unique. That mission forces a culture that values an open dialog with our customers about the application and its features in full transparency. With this in context we wanted to share some of what we have learned and next steps.

What we heard at the conference

Excitement. Many program directors approached us at the conference and thanked us for building this application. The value proposition and staff time savings fully resonated with them. myTIPreport provides "real-time, right now" feedback in a format that you can EASILY capture, save, and retrieve at some future time.  This provides directors access to the incredibly rich formative feedback that is going on day in, day out in their institution. Furthermore, this feedback can be "brought to the table" to inform Clinical Competency Committee meetings and even give a potential "track record" for ACGME Milestone assessments.

Phone, Phone, Phone. Many faculty and residents approached us and wanted to get the power of this application on their mobile device. There were a variety of reasons, from IT departments blocking our site, to ease of adoption, to familiarity and availability of the data virtually anywhere. We heard this clearly and we want to let everyone know this is currently under development and we hope to announce and share some designs with you soon.

Customizations and Fewer Required Fields. Programs want to customize both the surgical skills and the venues where milestones are evaluated. We're working hard on enabling these customizations and expect to have something to roll out in the next few weeks. After that, we'll be looking at streamlining our feedback submission and allowing programs to choose which fields are required at submission time.

Expansion to Other Specialties and Sub-specialties. We heard a desire for having one milestone reporting solution across all programs at an institution and that aligns very much with our goals. We're currently accepting Free Trial requests for other specialties and sub-specialties and will be working hard in the coming weeks to enable myTIPreport usage for all residencies and fellowships.

Since launch things have been quite busy. Just to give you a flavor, here are all the updates we have delivered in the short time frame since the CREOG/APGO meeting:

  1. On-boarded another 40 programs
  2. Launched the ability to indicate "no chance to observe" in the milestone form
  3. Launched the ability to sign up for a free trial from the home page
  4. Added the ability to put the site into maintenance mode for large upgrades
  5. Made the site more functional on an iPad Mini by giving users the ability to collapse the navigational element
  6. Fixed a few bugs reported by our users

We would like to thank you for trying out the application and for sending us your questions and suggestions. Please keep them coming.

-- myTIPreport team