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  • Introducing push notifications

    September 06, 2017 / Mario Rodriguez

    From the start our iPhone/Android myTIPreport apps have been hugely popular. Over the last year we have seen them overtake our website as the preferred medium by both teachers and learners to perform evaluations. As usage grew, we started to get requests to enable push notifications to the phone instead of only relying on emails, and in March we decided to fund development for this feature.

    Today, we are happy to report that over the next two weeks your apps will be updated and be ready to receive push notifications. To start, we will be sending the following notification:

  • Customize procedure categories

    July 10, 2016 / Taylor Lafrinere

    A feature request we've gotten a few times now is to allow admins to add and change the categories that procedures are organized in to. Well, with the deployment today, this is now possible.

    Traditionally, the OBGYN procedures were separated into Gynecologic and Obstetric procedures and most other specialties didn't have categories at all. With the change today, new categories can be added and used. For directions on how to make use of this, see our help documentation on customizing procedures.

  • myTIPreport now supports all specialties and subspecialties (plus a referral program)!

    April 30, 2016 / Taylor Lafrinere

    myTIPreport was started by the Exxcellence Foundation to transform learning and feedback for residents and fellows. We originally started with the residencies and fellowships in Obstetrics and Gynecology because it was the space that we knew best. We figured if we had a shot with success, it would be in that space. Well, myTIPreport has been incredibly successful with ObGyn and it's time to expand. For months now, we've gotten requests from programs in other specialties and we've dabbled in that a bit to make sure we could replicate the success that we saw in ObGyn. So far, we've received positive feedback from other specialties and thus we've decided to officially support all medical specialties and subspecialties in myTIPreport.

    If you're interested in trying out myTIPreport, sign up for a free trial and we'll get you up and running within the week.

  • An updated home page and a new blog site

    February 08, 2016 / Mario Rodriguez

    At myTIPreport we greatly value design and simplicity. It had been a while since we updated our homepage so we decided to spend a week modernizing it and adding some missed features.

    During that redesign, we observed that our blog platform, content and design was also severely lacking. Given that our communication with customers is a very important aspect of who we are as a product and team; we made the decision to move it in-house. Going forward, we want our blogs to not only provide feature updates but also present point of views articles that offer insights and thought leadership in the medical evaluation space.

  • Add, rename and remove program venues

    January 09, 2016 / Mario Rodriguez

    The ability to customize myTIPreport is core to our value proposition. Customizations make our platform flexible and allow institutions to personalize the application to their culture and philosophy. Early in the year we introduced the ability to customize procedure and procedure steps. Today, we are releasing our second customization area: program venues.

    The service ships with 7 Venues (Clinic, Didactic Classroom, Inpatient Ward, Labor & Delivery, Operating Room, Other, and Research Environment). Those are a good set but you are now free to add new ones, rename existing one and remove the ones that are no longer applicable.

  • Export to PDF improvements

    November 16, 2015 / Mario Rodriguez

    It used to be that our export to PDF and print to PDF features were exclusive to those browsers that natively handled the conversion. This meant leaving a good part of our customer base behind, and as time passed we felt we needed to address this deficiency. In early November, we started to research how we could bring PDF document generation of our "data" to all of our customers, even those using legacy browsers like IE8.

    We researched and tested dozen of PDF conversion libraries and most of them concluded in disappointment. Our authentication, css styling, dynamic loading of content through ajax calls and .NET support were a tall set of requirements for most of the Open Source and commercially available libraries. Luckily, we were able to find a company that offered a very expensive but really stable and functionally rich product. We purchased a licensed and got the feature working shortly after.

  • Dreyfus or Zwisch ... we got you covered

    September 26, 2015 / Mario Rodriguez

    With these latest round of updates you will notice that myTIPreport will now support two procedure rating scales (Dreyfus and Zwisch). This provides programs greater flexibility in how learners are evaluated, ultimately increasing adoption and usage of service within an organization.

    By default programs will start on Dreyfus, but can at any point seamlessly switch to the Zwisch model. In order to allow for this in-flight change we have adapted the model so both are on a five point scale. We recommend organizations to try both models and evaluate which fits best culturally and educationally.

  • Admin love, improvements to our reset password flows

    September 03, 2015 / Taylor Lafrinere

    At myTIPreport we strongly believe in small constant improvements. That philosophy allow us to deliver a ton of value to our customers over a course of a year. We recently performed some analytics and noticed that our top support ticket is to reset a password. We also noticed that unfortunately, due to the fact that many institutions spam filters block our system emails, it can be a very painful process for our users.

    In order to alleviate this customer pain we have rolled out the ability for Program Administrators to perform a user password reset. When the administrator performs this action both the user and the admin receive an email with a temporary link. Having the admin have this information is critical because they can then forward the information to the user and unblock them without ever contacting us.

  • Seamlessly request feedback from a teacher

    August 30, 2015 / Mario Rodriguez

    myTIPreport is best used as a real-time feedback tool, but there are occasions when time is limited and the feedback loop cannot be completed in this manner. This is why we now support the ability for a learner (resident/fellow) to seamlessly request feedback from a teacher.

    You can find more information about interacting with requests in our docs:

    1. Milestone Requests
    2. Procedure Requests
  • PGY-Class reports to help you with CCC meetings

    August 28, 2015 / Mario Rodriguez
    The Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) is a structure that has emerged as an essential component of the evaluation process in graduate medical education.

    Since we launched myTIPreport, Program Directors have been asking us for a way to utilize all of the data that we are collecting to assist them in their CCC evaluation meetings. I am happy to announced that we have launched a new report tab to do just that!