Implementation Tips

While everyone believes that supplying feedback is a good thing to do, actually getting people to participate and submit feedback on a regular cadence can be difficult. Since we're committed to making myTIPreport as easy to implement as possible, we've reached out to programs who've been successful with myTIPreport to find out what has worked for them. The main thing that we found is that programs that are proactive in their implementation are the most successful. Here are the strategies that programs have been successful with:

1. Demo myTIPreport to your department at M&M, Grand Rounds or other department conferences. Take this opportunity to both show off the functionality of myTIPreport and express to people that participation is important.

2. Create participation competitions for both learners and teachers and give prizes. This helps introduce people to myTIPreport and get them in the habit of submitting feedback. Prizes can be anything from $5 Starbucks Gift Cards to additional opportunites to attend conferences and should be given to the people who submit and receive the most feedback. Note, myTIPreport's reporting features generate automated leaderboards for tracking this information.

3. Create participation competitions between departments and give prizes. Just like in the previous one but this one has a team element and helps build intra-department relationships. Prizes can be team-focused as well!

4. Send regular email messages to the department that show usage rates and applaud top participants. Some people just love seeing their name on the top of a list - Doctor's especially! Making the "leaderboard" public will encourage your more competitve members to participate even more.

5. Require learners to have a certain number of myTIPreport feedback interactions each rotation or each month. Requiring that each learner meet a feedback quota makes it very clear how important participation is and will force them to seek feedback from faculty members.

6. Require teachers to have a certain number of myTIPreport feedback interactions each rotation or each month. The same is true for teachers!

7. Hold "myTIPreport rounds" early on in the implementation process. Having a persistent reminder is another way to generate participation. Some programs have been successful tasking their administrators to chase program members down once a week and remind them to have a myTIPreport interaction.

8. Have your department chair give a strong message of endorsement! People always listen to the department chair, right? Having your department chair throw his or her weight behind myTIPreport participation is another effective way to get the necessary culture change.

9. Have your CCC members serve as "myTIPreport Champions" and be leaders in driving participation. This has the added benefit of making their job easier during the May/June milestone assessment period.

10. Learn from your teachers and learners who are using myTIPreport regularly. You never know what is going to work for different people. Find out what is motivating your top participants and see if there are ways you can use that information to encourage others.

11. Allow your upper-level learners to provide feedback on lower-level learners. myTIPreport can be configured to allow upper-level learners to give feedback on lower-level learners. Since learners know the value of feedback, we find that they are more likely to give feedback as well.

Good luck with your rollout! If your program comes up with another successful approach to making implementation easier, please let us know! We'd be happy to add it to this list.