Managing Rating Scale Questions

One of the most common question types you'll find is "Rate Items Using Rating Scale". It's used by Procedures and Milestones and is often rendered like this on a final form:

This topic will cover the various ways you can manage this type of question. If you're not familiar with modifying forms and questions, we recommend that you visit our help topic on that first.


Once you've located the question you'd like to add or edit, you'll see view like this:

Question Details

The TITLE field is the name that will show at the top of the grid. In the picture at the top of this topic, the Title is set to "Procedure Key Steps".

The RATING SCALE field allows you to choose the rating scale that will be used to rate each of the items or steps. While we don't currently allow the addition of custom rating scales, that is something we plan to do in the near future. If you have an urgent need for this, please reach out to us at

Here are details for the different types of rating scales that are present now:



5-Point Numeric Scale


Items To Rate

This is where you'll list out each of the items that should be rated using the rating scale. Here are some tips on how to use this control:

Hopefully this provided you with the information needed to manage rating scale questions. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at