Archive user (residents/fellows/faculty)

When residents/fellows graduate or faculty leave the program we advise admins to archive those users. This will allow you to preserve all of their data and make room for the new class. To archive users in myTIPreport you need to be an account admin. For those users an admin channel is exposed in the navigation bar as the entry point to all administration tasks.

Within the admin home blade select the residents/fellows or faculty row to open the blade that displays the list. Once the blade opens click the user you want to archive to open their user profile information. The following displays what the screen looks like:

In the user profile::edit screen set the user state to inactive and save the change. The user will disappear from the active blade and its information be archived for retrieval.

It is important to note that inactive users can be seen by switching the filter attribute on the right hand corner of the program users blade.