Hiding and Showing Evaluation Channels

myTIPreport comes pre-loaded with the most commonly used evaluation channels for the given specialty. If your group is only going to use a subset of the channels to gather feedback, we recommend disabling the unused channels.


  1. To hide or show a channel you must have program administrator privileges.

Hiding or Showing a Channel

Once logged into the website, select the admin view and click on "Visible Channels" under "All Channels". That will show a list of all of the channels and their current status:

To hide a channel, change it's status to disabled. To show a channel that is currently hidden, change its state to Active. Once you've made the desired changes, click the Save Changes button that shows at the bottom.

When a channel is hidden, none of its data is lost. The data is just hidden. The data can be viewed again by simply re-enabling the channel.